The Decision Deck Journey 

Hello there! I'm Simon Osamoh, the driving force behind Kingswood Security Consulting, Worship Security Academy, and most notably, Decision Decks.

Embarking on a Journey of Safety and Security 

My foray into safety and security began at the tender age of 19. I took my first steps as a constable with the British police, an experience that was both humbling and enlightening. But the real gravity of my responsibilities became starkly apparent two years later. I was confronted with a heart-wrenching scenario - an attempted murder where the victim tragically passed away in my arms.

Two profound lessons emerged from this experience: the immense responsibility that comes with wearing the badge, and more significantly, the realization that in crises, we don't rise to the occasion but instead default to the level of our training.

This pivotal moment spurred me on a journey of perpetual learning. I committed to preparing myself for any unexpected challenges or conflicts that life might present. To quote the Marines, "the body cannot go where the mind hasn't been".

From Police to Corporate: An Unexpected Revelation

Fast forward almost two decades, I found myself in corporate America, serving as the Director of Risk and Compliance for a significant financial institution. It was here, amid the rigors of corporate life, that a seemingly unremarkable incident sparked the idea for Decision Decks.

An employee, recently terminated for tardiness, was refusing to leave the premises. After being called upon by the HR department, I listened to her grievances, acknowledged her feelings, and provided her with a couple of reasonable choices to resolve the situation, and a less favorable one. As expected, she chose a constructive path and left the premises peacefully.

The HR team lauded my actions, but I was puzzled, not believing I'd done anything exceptional. However, it was in that moment the seed for Decision Decks was planted.

Introducing Decision Decks: Training Your Mind for the Unexpected

This realization led to the birth of Decision Decks - a practical tool designed to sharpen your critical thinking and decision-making skills through real-world safety and security scenarios. Life is full of curveballs, and these decks prepare you to handle them adeptly.

The premise of Decision Decks is simple yet powerful: you're placed in a scenario and tasked with navigating your way out. The questions "What would you do?" and "How would you respond?" are your guiding lights. You see, these are skills we can all master, but we must first mentally position ourselves in these challenging situations.

So, if you're ready to tackle life's curveballs head-on and equip yourself for conflict resolution and safety, grab a Decision Deck and explore its potential.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I'd love to hear how these decks are helping you on your journey. Please connect with me on LinkedIn.

From my family to yours with best wishes,

Simon Osamoh, Founder, Decision Decks

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